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Why you need a Ucard.Cloud Business Card.

Recently, I had a problem with my mobile phone number. I was getting about 300 calls a day from angry people saying that my number had called them and just hung up the phone. My voice mail box was full, I didn’t know what was going on. I visited my local Vodafone store to try to find out what I could do, and didn’t really get a great support response. In the end, I had to change my number, the phone was no longer usable.

4 days later, after I had sent my cloud business card details to everyone in my phone book, my phone reverted back to the original number and the call backs stopped.

I updated my cloud business card, so everyone would be able to see the change online.

I thought well thats OK, everyone was use to my old number so I would just call everyone again and explain that they had fixed the problem and given me my old number back.

2 months later,

I decided to get a phone for my son and completed the paper work, and the next day, my phone number was gone again and the old-new number was back.

This makes it very difficult for people to keep up with number changes and getting in contact with you.

In my case, my business card is visible in the search engines and I was able to just update the card with the number changes so my friends could find the latest changes.

The original text for my cloud business card is the same, the destination is up to date so all is good.

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