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VerticalFAS | Portable Orthotics Lab
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Keith Cronin
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Portable Orthotics Lab

The Future of Orthotics is Here

Corrected Weight Bearing Orthotics In 15 Minutes

Portable Orthotics Lab

With the VerticalFAS Portable Orthotics Lab, you can prescribe, create and dispense custom corrected weight-bearing orthotics in less than 15 minutes. It puts 100% of the control over the outcome you prescribe in your hands. The result is better orthotics, happier clients and more time for you and your business.

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Keith Cronin | Abbie Streiter | Demetrios Nikoloulis | Henry Elloso | Jeff Foldenauer | Joe Lemon | Matt Senior | Mike McClaflin | Nina Fuller | Paul Hole

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Steve From Philly – Heel Pain

Dan presented with Hallux Rigidus, rigid toe, foot pain. The pain in the toe caused by years of martial arts affected the foot and knee.

The patient presented with foot pain after surgery. Neil was able to create foot aligners to help assist with managing the pain.

Patty presented with Plantar Fasciitis and was fitted with foot aligners using the VFAS portable orthotics lab.

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