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Neil Smith - Foot Alignment Clinic

When you book a lower limb assessment we ask patients to bring the shoes they wear the most so we can have a look at the style and tread of them. If you have any concerns regarding your preferred shoes or if your orthotics will fit them just drop us an email or call. We make our orthotics to fit soccer boots, ballet flats, work boots, cleats, high heels etc Call us on 9516 3547 or E: [email protected]

Our Sydney Clinic Locations

Level 5, 187 Macquarie St
Sydney, NSW 2000.

Shop 3, 189 Kent St
Sydney, NSW 2000.

Suite 5, Level 1, 267-277 Norton Street. Leichhardt, NSW 2040.

46 Sydney St
Marrickville, NSW 2204.

Unit 12, 71-75 Gladeville Rd
Hunters Hill, NSW 2010.

Follow the links to understand our clinic process and our custom weight-bearing orthotics technology. Neil Smith invented the Vertical Foot Alignment System, a weight-bearing device that is used to create orthotics while standing. The VerticalFAS is available in all of our 5 Sydney locations

We make orthotics to fit most pairs of high heels and also make custom heel grips. We recommend you bring the shoes you wear to the appointment so we can make the most comfortable orthotics for your shoes. Whether you are an elite runner or a weekend runner at the Foot Alignment Clinic we help all types of foot issues and assist with footwear advice and gait issues.
The foot alignment clinic is Sydney’s obvious choice for lower limb and foot analysis. They will complete a thorough biomechanical evaluation, the old fashioned way, by watching you walk and talking to you about your mobility problems. They will examine your feet and ankles, arch and shins, movement and strength. They will also complete a scientific review using video gate analysis, and the Vertical Foot Alignment System. The review will determine if foot aligners or custom orthotics are required. You may only need different shoes or specific exercise to eliminate the pain in your feet. Custom orthotics manage and correct the weight-bearing position of your feet while standing and walking. They simulate a change in the surface of the floor, beneath your feet.
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