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" We teat pain from misalignment. "

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ABN: 82 116 011 093

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Pedorthist C.Ped.Au


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At The Foot Alignment Clinic, molding and alignment with custom orthotics occur simultaneously, so it matches your corrected foot shape perfectly. This corrected position is unique to “your” feet and it’s why we align them as you stand, so your feet sit “IN” the orthotic, not “ON IT”. This sounds logical to most people, but it’s not!

General Podiatry

Routine Foot Examinations, Nail Care, Corn and Callus Treatment, Fungal Nail Treatment, Plantar Wart Removal, Diabetic Foot Care, Foot Pain Management and more

Biomechanical Assessment

The foot alignment clinic is a biomechanics clinic formed to forge the latest in research, innovation and musculo skeletal knowledge. The aim of the clinic is to correct common biomechanical misalignment

Diabetic Foot Assessment

Diabetic assessment and treatments Wound care management.
When you book a lower limb assessment we ask patients to bring the shoes they wear the most so we can have a look at the style and tread of them. If you have any concerns regarding your preferred shoes or if your orthotics will fit them just drop us an email or call. We make our orthotics to fit soccer boots, ballet flats, work boots, cleats, high heels etc
Follow the links to understand our clinic process and our custom weight-bearing orthotics technology. Neil Smith invented the Vertical Foot Alignment System, a weight-bearing device that is used to create orthotics while standing. The VerticalFAS is available in all of our 5 Sydney locations
We make orthotics to fit most pairs of high heels and also make custom heel grips. We recommend you bring the shoes you wear to the appointment so we can make the most comfortable orthotics for your shoes. Whether you are an elite runner or a weekend runner at the Foot Alignment Clinic we help all types of foot issues and assist with footwear advice and gait issues.
Great customer service. Neil and his crew are amazing. He is highly experienced and will check your foot with the best technology and techniques. I've been struggling with foot pain for 3 years and always postponed my orthotics. I should have come to Neil way before. Now I'm fixed and no more pain.
Thiago Wiziack

The Best Discovery Ever

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