Searching for a Chiropodist or Podiatrist

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A Chiropodist and a Podiatrist are medical professionals dedicated to studying, diagnosing, and treating disorders of the feet, ankle, and lower legs. A chiropodist is an older term, not as often used in Australia.

Suppose you are searching on Google for a professional that can help you with foot pain or discomfort. In that case, I recommend that you try to find a local podiatrist by entering the term podiatrist and then the suburb or location.

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E.g. podiatrist Marrickville or podiatrist Leichhardt, if you need to expand the possibilities use something like podiatrist inner west.

This search will help Google to narrow down the possibilities to a local podiatrist near you, registered in the profession and capable of assisting you with your foot and ankle problem.

A Pedorthist is a professional with specialised training to modify footwear and create supportive devices that can correct leg length difference and biomechanical imbalance.

Orthotics are often diagnosed by a podiatrist and created by pedorthists. In some cases, the diagnosis is made while the patient is lying down and therefore not weight-bearing and the plaster cast is created.

The Pedorthist will interpret the diagnosis using a plaster cast, or digital scan of the feet and a written diagnosis of changes required to the orthotics to represent the changes needed for the feet.

The Vertical Foot Alignment System

Neil Smith, a certified Pedorthist, invented the Vertical Foot Alignment System, a weight-bearing biomechanical adjustable device that can produce custom Foot Aligners and casts while the patient is standing. This process removes the interpretation, creating a corrected weight-bearing orthotic in real-time. The foot is molded into the foot aligner while standing.

For more information on Neil’s invention, search Google for The Vertical Foot Alignment System VFAS.

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