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The Cambridge Dictionary meaning for the term “COMING UP ROSES” is defined as happening successfully.” If something is coming up roses, it is happening successfully.”

The main sewer line in your home has the task of bridging the gap between your home’s drains and the main sewer drain. This line is located underground and is considered part of your plumbing system. It is your responsibility for maintenance and repairs.

Toilets and toilet pipes get blocked when people put the wrong things down the toilet. The toilet is not a waste disposal system for Food scraps, paper, rags, hair, cans, bottles, grease and fat. Never be put hot fatty foods down the toilet. Wastewater pipes from sinks, basins and laundry tubs can get blocked if people put food waste, especially tea leaves, liquid fat and oil or other rubbish, down into the sewer system. Pouring hot grease down the toilet or sink will set in the pipe when it cools and cause a blockage.

I was talking to a friend of mine that had the task of clearing the waste at the council sewer depot. One of the biggest causes of blocked sewers are disposable wash cloths and wipes. They are not designed to go down the toilet system and it is costing thousands of dollars for councils to clear them and dispose of them from the sewer system.

Trying to plunge or push a blockage down further may not solve the problem, if the grease, fat or waste is cooled by the water and takes the consistency of glue that is settings, it will cling to the sides of the pipe and like an artery full of cholesterol, a blockage will eventually occur. Licenses plumbers have the right equipment necessary to break the blockage. High pressure cleaners and camera’s can reach the source of the problem, unblock it and also reline any damaged pipes.

In addition to blockages caused by these materials, main sewer pipes can get blocked in other ways, for example, tree roots. Extreme care must be taken when inspecting sewer systems as poisonous and explosive gases can build up. Store oil and fat in sealed containers that thrown out in the trash. Regularly clean hair from the sinks and shower drains. Keeping the sewer clean from non-biodegradable waste will keep the system flowing correctly, which means that each time you press to flush, you will be coming up roses.

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