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Co founder of CJ Tech Support and Ucard.cloud

If you need help getting your idea off the ground, I am always happy to have a coffee and listen. Sometimes you just need to put it out there, and the universe finds a way of putting all the pieces together. That's how Ucard.cloud started. Aron and I were just having a chat about the world's problems and finding a solution.

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Co founder of CJ Tech Support and Ucard.cloud
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Get a clear vision!
A new business takes a lot of work to go from “Good Idea” to “Being a Business”. We would love to help. Get your idea from your head onto paper. Ask your self “What, When, Where, Why, How and Who?”
What will you need? When will you need it? Where can you get help with that? Why do I need it? How can I get it done? Who can I ask to help with that?

Ucard.cloud should be part of any successful business plan

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Warren and Caroline - Co-founders of CJ Tech Support

Make the most out of what you have now, everything can and will change. Enjoy being with your friends, work hard to be the best friend you can be.

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816 Squadron - Seahawks - Royal Australian Navy

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Keep in touch, be found by family and friends. If something important happens, make it easy for your family and friends to find you. Your family and friends may be depending on you.

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