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Business & Commercial Lending

Peter Nikolaou ID

Business & Commercial Lending. Time to review your business loans? Let’s look at your options.

Talks about #assetfinance, #privatelending, #businesslending, #commercialfinance, and #developmentfinance

Talks about #assetfinance, #privatelending, #businesslending, #commercialfinance, and #developmentfinance

And although business is awesome, sometimes you learn hard lessons. Just like when the shop owner turned to me and told me he was going to pay me less per avocado. I had no other buyers, so I quickly learnt about purchasing power.

Moving on from the avocado business I traded basketball cards in high school (for a profit of course!), and after uni, I then went into the ‘real’ world.

From a graduate program in business and corporate banking to finance broking within an accountancy firm and even some investing I learnt ALL the commercial lending ropes with a deep understanding of the business ins and outs.

Peter Nikolaou Peak Capital

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Level 6, 147 King St, Sydney
NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: +61 401 132 581
Email: [email protected]

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