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Max Mannix

Max Mannix Australian Artist
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Mannix Mannix Australian Artist
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Max Mannix Studios | Australian Artist

Max Mannix Studios | Australian Outback Artist
Max Mannix is an Australian artist who paints stories or ‘yarns’, based on his years growing up in Victorian country towns and working on cattle stations in the Queensland outback.

Max Mannix Studios:

Max Mannix Paintings For Sale:

Max Mannix Studios
Ph: 02 9654-0099

Address: 114a Kenthurst Road, Kenthurst NSW 2156

Phone: 02 9654-0099
Fax: 02 9654-0055

Gallery Open: Sundays 11am – 5pm by appointment

We first purchased our first Max Mannix painting many years ago, & until then we hadn’t heard of this amazing Australian artist . Since then we have collected 4 more paintings & an ink drawing . We would love to have many more & perhaps in time we will.

I truly believe that every Australian home should have @ least one of these amazing paintings. I think there are only two different styles but I could be wrong , we have both & adore both pieces . He has paintings that would suit every style of home & believe me , after purchasing one you will want to keep adding more .

Without a doubt he’s our favourite Australian artist & can highly recommend a visit to his gallery or one of his many exhibitions, you won’t be disappointed!

Gail & Ron Reed.

Max is one Australia’s most famous Artist and he is my favourite Artist. His studio is really worth the visit from where ever you are in Sydney. *****

Michael Bolton

Was very lucky today to meet up with max and his lovely wife, there to do work but was lucky to see inside this beautiful studio and see some of the excellent art work. Every piece was beautiful and you can see the dedication that goes into his pieces. Worth a visit for sure.

Brian Hadfield

Max and lynne beautiful people

samuel soliman

Featured Max Mannix Art


The title of the oil painting is “That means you too”. The painting is by Max Mannix. Signed in the botton left corner.
The old story of a two dogs wanting attention and competing to sit on the chair when you want to read the paper. The painting is For Sale directly from Max Mannix Studios.

Painting That Means You Too


The title of the painting is “Dont Take them All – Leave Some For Me.” The painting is by Max Mannix. Signed in the bottom left corner. The story of generosity and then regret outside the general store. The painting is For Sale directly from Max Mannix Studios

Max Mannix Painting Dont Take Them All - Leave Some For Me

Max Mannix Paintings

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