Max Mannix Studios | Australian Artist

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Max Mannix Studios
Ph: 02 9654-0099

Address: 114a Kenthurst Road, Kenthurst NSW 2156

Phone: 02 9654-0099
Fax: 02 9654-0055

Gallery Open: Sundays 11am – 5pm / or by appointment

Max Mannix Studios | Australian Artist

Max Mannix is an Australian artist who paints stories or ‘yarns’, based on his years growing up in Victorian country towns and working on cattle stations in the Queensland outback.

These experiences and the colourful characters along the way have provided Max with an endless flow of inspiration for his artwork, depicting Australian country life in a light-hearted vein with keen insight and gentle humour.

Max is a highly collectable and published artist, whose work is exhibited in one-man and group shows and owned by private and corporate collections around the world. Max’s work is predominantly painted in oil on specially prepared canvas board, but he also uses acrylics and pen and inks as well as creating etchings and figurative sculpture.

The Mannix Studio Gallery is located in, ‘The Sandstone Church’, at the front of his residential property in Kenthurst, New South Wales.

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“I Hope They’re Asleep” by Max Mannix
Painting "beef sausages" by Max Mannix
Painting “Beef Sausages” by Max Mannix
Painting “Back Corner Of The Fence” by Max Mannix
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