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JR Burns Plumbing Review

Finding a plumber is not tricky. Open up a google page and type, “find a local plumber“, you will get hundreds of links to plumbers in your area. It is more challenging to communicate your requirements so that a genuinely local plumber is available and willing to work within your budget. 

Get A Quotation
It is essential to talk with a plumber and get a quote. Ask them to include a best-case and worst-case scenario section in the quotation. What will be the variations? Know upfront what this is going to cost and why.

In an emergency plumbing situation, water going everywhere, sewer backing up down the hallway, it is sometimes difficult to get a quote. In this circumstance, ask the plumber to make it safe. Turn off the water, stop the source of the problem so that the repair can be assessed and then get a quote. 

Surprise and plumbing should not be words that go together.

Learn To Communicate
I often read in advertising articles that “finding a local Sydney Plumber, that is reliable and honest is a difficult task”. I don’t believe that. I think most plumbers are reliable and honest. They often don’t understand the limitations to your budget or specific requirements that you are taking for granted. The result is then a surprise at the end when the invoice arrives.

Learn to communicate with the tradesperson before they do the work, during the project’s milestones and after the project is complete. Ensure you have a warranty period that the tradesperson will support and be willing to return to the job weeks after completion to review and discuss any problems. It’s called customer service.

Cleanliness and plumbing can sometimes not meet your expectations. A plumber needs to be safe when they are doing the job. They need to wear appropriate protective clothing, including safety boots. If you are concerned about where they walk in your home, ask them to put down plastic or protective flooring to protect your home. Communicate your concerns so that an appropriate solution can be found.

Testimonials and Reviews

Social media has unfortunately made the stories of lousy plumbers reach a wider audience. The number of problems probably hasn’t changed, spreading the word among your friends has become more accessible. Direct messaging how you feel to your friends is the most impactful because they know you and believe what you say. Writing a review online has an impact that can affect many and make change for a business and not necessarily the change that is wanted. 

Writing a review online is often a route taken by the keyboard warrior that doesn’t dare call the plumber when they have a problem. If the plumber has not built a relationship with the client, or the client has not enjoyed the experience, a bad review is often the result. It is less confronting for the keyboard warrior to write a bad review than to pick up the phone and communicate the problem. 

Facebook can help you to communicate. Facebook is the most used Social Media platform in the world because it allows people to communicate. You can check local Sydney Plumbers in your area by searching through Facebook. Check their company page, see what recommendations people have posted about them, and see their work examples and photos. 


The best way to find a Plumber in Sydney or any other tradesperson is to ask your friends for their recommendations. There are millions of reviews and testimonials on the web, but we’d guess that friends and family secretly pen at least half. Get a genuine recommendation from someone you trust, ask friends or colleagues. Facebook can play a huge role in communicating with your friends.

Writing reviews, reading reviews and getting reviews is an essential part of being a plumber, electrician or small business owner. 

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