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Kelly McJannett Food Ladder CEO
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Food Ladder gives people the tools to stop hunger and malnourishment.  We provide remote and regional communities with hydroponic greenhouses and specialised training so they can grow fruit and vegetables, and set up their own social enterprise if they want to.

Our horticulture and business experts offer support throughout the process. We leave behind a sustainable food system, which has health, educational and economic benefits.

We established our not-for-profit in 2010.  Local communities now own, manage and run 11 greenhouses across Australia, India, Bhutan and Uganda. We are rolling out 20 new greenhouses by the end of 2021. 

We have five different types of greenhouses, which are climate-controlled and thus highly productive. You can grow just about anything. 

Communities will pick a greenhouse that suits their goals. Some want to grow fresh food. Others want to set up a commercial enterprise so they can sell fruit and vegetables and create jobs. Some see it as a community project where everyone can learn about horticulture and nutrition.

We collaborate with community groups, government departments, NGOs and universities.

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