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Julie will be at the following events.

  • Friday, 7th May – Gordon Executive Centre
  • Monday, 24th May – Forest-Belrose Probus
  • Friday, 4th June – Berowra Probus
  • Wednesday, 16th June – Dee Why Probus
  • Friday, 16th July – Gordon East Probus

Hello my friends, I’ve been preparing for speaking engagements and podcasts as well as  finishing off the new book, and marketing the old book – its all a spin!!  But so exciting.

This book is funny, engaging, empathic, heart warming, and inspiring. I read it all in one go, which involved a very late night, but I look forward to dipping into it again – often. It’s well-written and easy to follow, and while I’m not a senior yet, I now can’t wait!! Jump into your best self and your best life – even if it’s with a walker – and do it with this book as you companion. Thanks to the author for a great, motivating read. Very seriously, advancing years have never looked so good.


This book speaks to my soul – and my experience. In sassy, witty form, the author describes the life of a senior(I am one). She tells how to tweak it to make it more fun and more meaningful. That’s important to know when you give up the life you’ve spent the last several decades making. If you’re a senior or planning to be one, this is a must read!

Susan W. Kraber

If you are wanting to purchase a copy of “I’M NOW CALLED A SENIOR WTF”, we do have a limited supply on hand.

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Im Now Called A Senior
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