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Julie Sursok Best Selling Author

Julie Sursok
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Im Now Called A Senior

Hello my friends, I’ve been preparing for speaking engagements and podcasts as well as  finishing off the new book, and marketing the old book – its all a spin!!  But so exciting.

Julie Sursok:

Julie is a senior, a wife, a mother and a grandmother. She has run her own businesses and performed on stage and television. She is a classical pianist, plays acoustic guitar and is an award-winning recording artist. She is a nurturer, motivator and prolific reader and she is now fulfilling her dream of inspiring you.

So, in ……I’m Now called a senior – WTF

Laugh at senior travels and senior moments and separate bedroom syndrome. Relate to medical checks and downsizing and technical faux pas. Think about the future and bucket lists and homeless.

Feel relevant again because……


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