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The team at JR Burns Plumbing

Jamieson Burns
Ph: 0414 552 828

42 First Ave
Five Dock, NSW, 2046 Australia

ABN 59 627 044 526

NSW Fair Trading :
License # No. 123357C

Plumber And Roof Plumber
LP Gasfitter

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If you are staying home to avoid the crowds but still want a plumber to help with maintenance or upgrades, we are available and will take all precautions to keep you safe.

Plumber Inner West Sydney

Commercial | Domestic Plumbing Service located in Five Dock NSW. Our team can assist you with hot water and drainage repairs. Call Jamieson to find out if we can help. 0414 552 828

JR Burns Plumbing | Available 24 Hours
JR Burns has serviced the homes and plumbing needs of Sydney residents for the past 20 years from our base in Five Dock. Over that time, we have gained experience in all kinds of issues with commercial, industrial and domestic plumbing, and have proven ourselves as a friendly, reliable service for the area.

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JR Burns Plumbing Service Locations




  • Blocked Pipes
  • Blocked Sinks
  • Blocked Toilet
  • Blocked Waste
  • Blocked Shower
  • Blocked Drains

JR Burns Plumbing “Gas fitting Sydney”

gas fitting sydney

JR Burns Plumbing and Gasfitters provide service to the inner west and Metro Sydney. We are authorised to service areas of your home or business that require a licensed Gas Fitter.

The Dangers of Natural Gas
** Natural gas in its native state is colorless and almost odorless. In order to assist consumers in detecting leaks, an odorizer with a scent similar to rotten eggs, tert-Butylthiol (t-butyl mercaptan), is added.  **Wikipedia.org

Gas leaks may not be visible, but they can provide a rotten egg smell and a possible hissing sound, if either of these symptoms are present, please evacuate the area and keep safe. Natural gas is known as the cleanest fossil fuel, but it can also be the deadliest. Other than environmental damage, you don’t hear of people dying from having coal or oil in their kitchen. Having natural gas in your kitchen can be very dangerous.

Gas Leaks

Gas can leak and build-up in concentration. If you are breathing it in, it can cause suffocation. If it is able to ignite in a confined space, it can explode. Appliances are connected to the gas line using metal gas fittings. If the fitting fails over time, the gas may leak. Only licensed plumbers and gas fitters should be used to repair a gas leak. This included LPG gas fittings for bbq’s and heaters.

Safety Process

If you smell gas but can not see any reason for it (ie: cooking on a stove), open the doors and windows and evacuate everyone to a safe location. Call Jamieson and arrange an emergency call out to solve the problem.

Contact JR Burns Plumbing and Gas fitting.

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JR Burns Plumbing
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