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The Internet is so essential to everyday lives, how we have changed over the last 15 years. If you can remember the sound that your modem use to make when connecting via dialup, you know what I mean.

Today, especially after lockdown, the Internet has become an essential service. Connecting our TV’s, Google Home, and Ring doorbells have added a considerable load to those connections. We are not just using the Internet for email and browsing anymore. It needs to be reliable and fast.

We also need to be able to access the Internet from every room in the house. Our phones need to connect, our pads and notebooks need to connect, and these devices are portable, so access needs to be fast and reliable, inside and outside the home.

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Get a qualified electrician to install your network. Make it accessible from every room and outside on the veranda or under the pergola. Sometimes you need to get some fresh air, but stay connected.

If you are building a new home or going through a significant renovation, Spend the time with your electrician to design data cabling through your home. I know everyone uses wireless, but connecting the repeaters via Cat6 data cabling can increase your wireless network’s performance. A single data cable can reach up to 100m without loss or interference. Two data cables can be a game-changer in terms of your wireless network reach and performance.

If you are using a wireless mesh system, the performance is reduced by distance and obstruction. In a line of sight, the speed and reliability of your connection should be good. As soon as you blur the direct line of sight by putting walls and fridges and electrical devices like large screen tv’s in the way, you impede both speed and reliability. In some situations, a mesh network is the only solution available. However, if it is possible to run data cabling to your property’s furthermost point, the greater the wifi performance will be.

As a last resort, and not recommended is the use of powerline adapters. A Powerline adapter is a device that uses your homes electric wiring to transmit computer networking information. The system required two adapters, one at each end of the connection. One end will join the powerline network to your computer network, and the other end will connect a wireless access point, tv or another networking device. When connected, you have a physical computer network using your house power wiring.

A professional, experienced electrician can show you the most effective way to extend your wireless reach.


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