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Citronella Fuel for your Ethanol Fireplace

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Proud day in the Ethanol Fireplace Fuel office with the release of a new Australian first Citronella Bioethanol fuel. Enjoy the outdoors and entertain your way, mosquito-free
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The Importance Of Choosing The Right Pest Control For Your Home.

Pest control candles and sprays have been used for decades to keep homes and indoor spaces free from unwanted pests and insects. Whether dealing with flies, mosquitoes, or other pests, choosing the right pest control solution is essential to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. This article will explore the benefits of using a diffuser with citronella bioethanol, how it works, and how to choose the suitable d iffuser for your needs.

How Pest Control Diffusers Work

Pest control diffusers use essential oils, natural ingredients, and other substances to create an unpleasant environment for pests, making them less likely to venture into your home or indoor space. The diffuser releases a fine mist of the active ingredients into the air, forming a barrier that pests find repellent. The lemongrass citronella fragrance effectively controls pests indoors, especially in areas that are difficult to treat with sprays or other treatments. On still-warm nights the diffuser is effective in outdoor spaces and can extend your outdoor experience by repelling annoying mosquitoes.

Benefits of Using Pest Control Diffusers

Effective: Pest Control Diffusers are an effective way to control pests indoors and out, especially in areas that are difficult to treat with sprays or other treatments. There are many benefits to using pest control diffusers, including:
  • Pleasant fragrance: Our citronella bioethanol formula is made from perfume-grade alcohol and citronella, making the scent pleasant to use around pets and children.
  • Convenient and easy to use: Diffusers have no flame, are safe to place around your home, and can provide days of protection without needing constant reapplication.
  • Aromatic: The lemongrass fragrance has a pleasant aroma, which can help to freshen up your indoor spaces while also providing pest control benefits.

How to Choose the Right Pest Control Candles

When choosing pest control diffusers, it is essential to consider the following factor:
  • Strength: Consider the fragrance strength of the diffuser, as some may be more effective at controlling pests than others. The larger the surface area of the saturated reed and bottle opening, the stronger the lemongrass fragrance.
  • Manufacture: Our bioethanol and citronella formula can be used with any glass/ceramic and reed diffuser.


In conclusion, pest control diffusers can be an effective solution for controlling pests in your home. You may be dealing with flies, mosquitoes, or other pests. With a suitable diffuser, you can enjoy the benefits of safe and natural pest control and the convenience of an easy-to-use solution. A citronella bioethanol diffuser is an excellent choice for keeping your indoor spaces free from unwanted pests.
Our Citronella bioethanol solution is available in 5ltr bottles to refill your diffusers and provide barrier protection for your family and home.

Production of our quality unscented bioethanol hasn’t eased. Thank you Australia and export countries for your continued support.

citronella fire fuel

Ethanol Fireplace Fuel

Suppose you have an ethanol-burning fireplace or fire pit, congratulations. Your bio-ethanol flame contributes to a more eco-friendly world while providing that warm glowing ambient relaxation only a fireplace can provide.

We are getting enquiry about ethanol and bioethanol burners from Bunnings. We do not have the specifications for these burners. If you are looking for an ethanol fireplace or firepit from Bunnings, they no longer seem to stock them. I have only found Wood burning fireplaces, not ethanol.

The ethanol-burning flame provides heat and beauty without the adverse environmental effects associated with traditional wood-burning, gas, or electric fireplaces.

We are able to deliver SUSTAINABLE BIOETHANOL FUEL FOR ETHANOL FIREPLACES across Australia and New Zealand.

Our Ethanol Fireplace Fuel Brand is Guaranteed to work in ALL brands of ethanol eco fireplaces including the most popular:

Planika, Eco-intelligent, Cocoon, Icon, Black & Stone, Vioflame

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97 Fairey Rd
South Windsor NSW 2756
Ph 02 9194 4600

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