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Douglas Vincent
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Douglas Vincent | Vue Estate Agents

Douglas Vincent
Ph: 0414 713 713

Directors | Hunters Buyers Agents

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We know that the property market takes both time and practice to understand. Sharon and Douglas Vincent have both had more than thirty years experience as licensed real estate agents, property managers and advisors. We are able to help you make the best decisions to find the right property and secure it at the right price.


Why Use A Buyer’s Agent?

Most people don’t get a chance to practice buying a home or investing in property. When it can be one of the most costly investments of your lifetime, having help and decades of experience on your side can be the difference in $100,000s to you as well as weeks or months of your time searching. By engaging us, we work for you and act in your best interest ensuring we secure a property for you that best meets your requirements. We use our wealth of knowledge and negotiating skills to achieve the best result for you.


Buyers Agents Work For The Buyer!

If confidentiality, your time and the location you desire are important to you, this is where we can help. We have successfully represented many people including industry leaders, entrepreneurs, busy professionals, actors, doctors, lawyers, nurses, other agents, retirees, investors, developers as well as clients living in country areas, interstate and overseas. Our personalised and professional service covers all phases of the property purchasing process. We deliver.
When we asked them to find us a new home Doug and Sharon’s response was amazing. Within a few days they found the house we settled on and helped us in negotiating a good price. They were very fast and very effective and did more than we expected. They know their stuff!

Kate and John

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