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Diana Mashal

With honest, down to earth advice, Diana will find a car loan that’ll work for you. Cloud9 Finance

Whether you are buying a new or used car from a dealer, at auction or through a private sale we’ll make it quick and easy so you can buy the right car with confidence.

If you’ve found your perfect car, we’ll help you find the right car loan with an easy online application process. Comparing your car loan options from Australia’s leading lenders, you’ll get approval usually within 24 hours. We’ll even help you gain pre-approval, so you know your limits when you’re car shopping at a dealer, an auction or a private sale.

  • We have tailored solutions to meet your needs:
  • We compare car finance options from over 20 of Australia’s best banks and lenders
  • The application process is simple and obligation free
  • Fast approvals and settlements
  • Save money with competitive rates matched to your personal needs
Diana Mashal Cloud9finance
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Contact Diana, Bella Vista NSW 2153

Call: 0403 651 216

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