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Clint Harris
0422 566 823

Sales Agent

Finding out what makes a property special is an art form. In a market saturated by clichés, Clint Harris seeks to find the deeper, intrinsic value that his clients’ properties hold for that premium buyer. Rather than present your property to the market like any another home, Clint gives it a unique point of difference.

This is reflected in the carefully selected marketing messages, the calibre of photography and the overall emphasis on making your property stand out from the competition. It’s a skill he enjoys giving the utmost attention and results in market-leading prices.

Clint is a proud local with strong family ties to the area. He has lived throughout New South Wales and knows that nowhere else compares to the quality of life on the coast. He loves connecting with people to enhance their lives through property, whether on a lifestyle or financial level.

A tireless worker, reliable and caring, Clint saw a synergy with Coleman’s culture and knew it was a perfect fit for him, with a focus on training, growth and being part of something bigger while supporting personal goals.

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Clint Harris
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