Searching for a Chiropodist or Podiatrist

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A Chiropodist and a Podiatrist are medical professionals dedicated to studying, diagnosing, and treating disorders of the feet, ankle, and lower legs. A chiropodist is an older term, not as often used in Australia.

Suppose you are searching on Google for a professional that can help you with foot pain or discomfort. In that case, I recommend that you try to find a local podiatrist by entering the term podiatrist and then the suburb or location.

Beth Fechner Foot Alignment Clinic
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E.g. podiatrist Marrickville or podiatrist Leichhardt, if you need to expand the possibilities use something like podiatrist inner west.

This search will help Google to narrow down the possibilities to a local podiatrist near you, registered in the profession and capable of assisting you with your foot and ankle problem.

A Pedorthist is a professional with specialised training to modify footwear and create supportive devices that can correct leg length difference and biomechanical imbalance.

Orthotics are often diagnosed by a podiatrist and created by pedorthists. In some cases, the diagnosis is made while the patient is lying down and therefore not weight-bearing and the plaster cast is created.

The Pedorthist will interpret the diagnosis using a plaster cast, or digital scan of the feet and a written diagnosis of changes required to the orthotics to represent the changes needed for the feet.

The Vertical Foot Alignment System

Neil Smith, a certified Pedorthist, invented the Vertical Foot Alignment System, a weight-bearing biomechanical adjustable device that can produce custom Foot Aligners and casts while the patient is standing. This process removes the interpretation, creating a corrected weight-bearing orthotic in real-time. The foot is molded into the foot aligner while standing.

For more information on Neil’s invention, search Google for The Vertical Foot Alignment System VFAS.

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Beth Fechner | The Foot Alignment Clinic

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Beth Fechner Foot Alignment Clinic

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Originally from Melbourne, Podiatrist Beth Fechner completed her studies at La Trobe University in 2008. She studied Podiatry to help people with pain and keep them active. Beth has worked in Hobart and Sydney, mostly in private practice. She spent 2 years at the Royal Hobart Hospital working with “high risk feet” – people at risk of ulcers or amputation. Beth has experience working with people of all activity levels, from pre-schoolers to 90+ year olds.

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Neil Smith | The Foot Alignment Clinic

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Neil Smith is a Certified Pedorthist C.Ped.Au, with a special interest in Orthotics and Biomechanics. Neil is the Inventor of the Vertical Foot Alignment System (VFAS).

Google 5 Starr Review from Brad Brown

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The Foot Alignment Clinic | Foot Pain Treatment

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COVID 19 | Telehealth Via Zoom

Introducing Telehealth

In light of recent events surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19, some of you may be choosing to self-isolate or are quarantined. However, this does not mean there has to be a disturbance or a delay to the care you have been receiving at The Foot Alignment Clinics. It just means we have to think outside the box and get creative with how we deliver services to you to ensure your health is still a number one priority!  We can even come to your home if molding or general treatments need to be done, please call us to find out suburbs that we can cover.

Looking for “podiatrist near me“? We offer a range of services unique to our clinics including patented technology, experienced skills and trained staff.

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If you are searching for the following terms, “podiatrist near me” or “foot care“, The Foot Alignment Clinic is best place to visit. We may also appear for these terms:
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Tips and exercises to keep feet happy (Plantar Fasciitis Treatment)

When you book a lower limb assessment we ask patients to bring the shoes they wear the most so we can have a look at the style and tread of them. If you have any concerns regarding your preferred shoes or if your orthotics will fit them just drop us an email or call. We make our orthotics to fit soccer boots, ballet flats, work boots, cleats, high heels etc Call us on 9516 3547 or E:

Sports Shoes, childrens sports

Our Sydney Clinic Locations

Level 5, 187 Macquarie St
Sydney, NSW 2000.

Shop 3, 189 Kent St
Sydney, NSW 2000.

Suite 5, Level 1, 267-277 Norton Street. Leichhardt, NSW 2040.

46 Sydney St
Marrickville, NSW 2204.

Unit 12, 71-75 Gladeville Rd
Hunters Hill, NSW 2010.

We make orthotics to fit most pairs of high heels and also make custom heel grips. We recommend you bring the shoes you wear to the appointment so we can make the most comfortable orthotics for your shoes.

Whether you are an elite runner or a weekend runner at the Foot Alignment Clinic we help all types of foot issues and assist with footwear advice and gait issues.

The foot alignment clinic is Sydney’s obvious choice for lower limb and foot analysis. They will complete a thorough biomechanical evaluation, the old fashioned way, by watching you walk and talking to you about your mobility problems. They will examine your feet and ankles, arch and shins, movement and strength.

They will also complete a scientific review using video gate analysis, and the Vertical Foot Alignment System. The review will determine if foot aligners or custom orthotics are required. You may only need different shoes or specific exercise to eliminate the pain in your feet.

Custom orthotics manage and correct the weight-bearing position of your feet while standing and walking. They simulate a change in the surface of the floor, beneath your feet. 

We fix feet in 5 Sydney Locations. We have dedicated and qualified staff trained in the Vertical Foot Alignment System, weight-bearing analysis techniques.

We have qualified podiatrists in our Marrickville, Leichhardt and Barangaroo Clinics.

Follow the links to understand our clinic process and our custom weight-bearing orthotics technology. Neil Smith invented the Vertical Foot Alignment System, a weight-bearing device that is used to create orthotics while standing. The VerticalFAS is available in all of our 5 Sydney locations

If your feet are diagnosed to roll out when you walk, the custom orthotic raises the outside of your foot so that at the time of impact, your foot becomes more stable, controlled and counters the change by rolling back in. All diagnosis should include a stretching and strengthening program.

This extra stability, control and strengthening, will change the way you walk and increase or reduce the pressure on muscles and tendons in your feet.

Shelf bought cushion orthotics on there own will not change your original condition. Foot problems need to be professionally diagnosed, and custom made orthotics are explicitly designed for your feet condition.

Childrens Sports

Now children’s sports and activities are back – has your child outgrown their orthotics or complaining of discomfort in their feet or lower limbs?. We offer children under 16 years of age a $50 discount off the molding of our custom made orthotics.

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The Foot Alignment Clinic
5 Star Reviews

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Google Reviews:

Katherine Miller : 5 Star Review
Amazing improvement since wearing orthotics. I have less pain in my knees and more motivation. Neil is an expert in his field, a good listener, easy to talk. I’d highly recommend Neil at Foot Alignment Clinic.

Tammy Saville : 5 Star Review
Neil & staff are very professional personable. I’m onto my second set of orthotics with this team now in 7 years. Neil addressed the issues I was having with my knees knocking while running the first time and then my feet expanding and knee pain after having children the second time around, now I’m back on track with my running & fitness. Can’t recommend these guys enough!

Philip Dow : 5 Star Review
Great results for my whole family – highly recommended

Kerrie Dedes : 5 Star Review
2 days agoExceptional service. The orthotics by Neil have given me great relief & I no longer suffer pain being on my feet for long periods. Highly recommend The Foot Alignment Clinic.

Justin ODonnell : 5 Star review
The best in the business for Orthotics. I spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars for Orthotics from other providers that never worked but Neil’s Orthotics did the trick for me. Don’t waste your time or money with other providers, just go and see Neil.

Andre Ogle : 5 Star review
Life changing is an expression I use when I refer anyone to Neil Smith and his team at the Foot Alignment Clinic. After seeing another well-intentioned podiatrist for over a year without results we were referred to Neil. My daughter went from being in an ice-bucket to soothe her ankles every few days to enjoying her life pain free in about a week with Neil’s orthotics. That change happened around 3 years ago and she’s never looked back. We’ve just had a replacement set made because our dog chewed the previous pair. My daughter needed her orthotics for a soccer game on the Sunday and I spoke to Neil and Rachel on the Thursday before the weekend. Incredibly they a replacement pair by Friday afternoon. That made for one very happy 13 year old girl. (and Dad) The service has been nothing short of exceptional. Over time we’ve also had orthotics made for my son and myself. If you’re looking for help get in touch with them. They’ve made a big difference for us.

Grace Edwards : 5 Star review
Neil is fantastic and the orthotics are so comfortable! They completely change my posture, I no longer have to consciously correct my posture every few minutes, they do the job for me! The chronic upper back pain I’ve been dealing with for months is gone! I’m so grateful for the work Neil and his team do!

YVETTE NICHOLLS : 5 Star review
Great service can’t recommend highly enough.

Andrew Halasz : 5 Star review
Great service and all problems diagnosed and treated effectively, I can highly recommend the Foot Alignment Clinic

Jill Singleton : 5 Star Review
Friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Getting proper orthotics for my son after a bad leg break was not a cheap event but required. I feel that Neil has now set him up for a future that is strong and will avoid further complications.

Gilian Borland : 5 Star Review
Hi, I recently got new orthotics fitted at the Foot Alignment Clinic Marrickville. I suffered terrible heel pain for many years and can now start running and doing the activities that I had to stop. Thank you for the great orthotics you made. I will be back to get some for my summer sandals. Regards, Gilian

Karen W : 5 Star Review
Neil is fantastic and especially amazing with children! Very patient, listens to everything they are saying and spends the time to make sure the orthotics work for them and are comfortable. They have made a huge difference to my children and taken away the pain they were experiencing. I would highly recommend Neil and his team.

Joseph Schmitzer : 5 Star review
Neil and his team are so clever and caring – my son desperately needed orthotics as he was in so much pain every time he ran and is now able to train again pain free!! Thanks so much! Karen Schmitzer

Leah : 5 Star Review
After 18 months of being in constant pain & spending a ridiculous amount of money & no other podiatrist knew what to do or how to treat me Neil and his team have made such an improvement in a small amount of time. My pain had reduced dramatically. Its only been a month since my first visit, I can’t wait to see what happens in the future and if my issue will be solved altogether.

Anthony Kitson : 5 Star Review
The foot alignment clinic was able to correct my early stages of Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain over a 3-4 month period) with their custom-made orthotics. I had tried some generic orthotics from the local chemist but they did not solve my problem. The fact that the clinic specifically designs them to meet your individual requirements/needs make the extra cost so worthwhile. I can now confidently go on an planned overseas holiday in the new year knowing that I will not have to contend with constant heel pain! I would recommend the foot alignment clinic to family & friends, if need be. Thanks to Neil & his staff, Anthony (sydney)

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