Blocked Drains – Five Dock NSW

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Jamieson Burns using a camera to find tree roots blocking a drain

If you have a smelly drain, a blocked drain or a gurgling drain, all are signs that something is not working the way that it should. Overflowing blocked sinks can cause a lot of damage to kitchen cabinets and flooring. Overflowing blocked toilets are a health hazard and need immediate attention. If the water in sinks, showers, baths and toilet bowls is slow to empty, get it fixed before it starts to back up.

You should not put kids toys, kitchen oil, fat, grease, hair and food scraps in the toilet or kitchen sink. Coffee grounds and tea leaves do not break down and will also get clogged.

The process to follow for a blocked drain or sewer pipe.

JR Burns Plumbing ID

Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and white vinegar can also help remove grease and break up solids—finish by again flushing with hot water.

Jetting a blocked sink
  1. Inspection
  2. Consideration
  3. Repairs.

Plumbing Inspection

Take the time to inspect the problem. The signs we look for are backup, slow drainage, foul odours and gurgling sounds.  

Plumbing Emergency Consideration

Consider the immediacy and urgency of the situation. Is this situation affecting more than one sink or toilet, is it affecting more than one bathroom? Is the problem affecting health, like sewerage backing up onto the floor? Are you in an apartment with a blockage affecting more than one unit? These considerations will determine if this can be a DIY repair or you need a professional plumber to fix the blockage.

If it is a blocked sink, in one kitchen and not affecting any other bathroom, laundry or drain, it may be food or hair causing the blockage. Clean the exposed area so that all you have now is the sink and the plug. Use a cup and a bucket to bail out as much water as possible. Use a sponge to get anything that is left.

Mix up a small bucket of hot soapy water – use dish soap. It has to be hot water straight from the tap. Be careful to keep yourself safe and pour the hot soapy water into the sink slowly. Make sure you don’t overflow the sink. Let the hot water sit in the sink for a few minutes. The hot water may be enough to move the blockage. If the water drains gradually, repeat the process until the bottleneck has moved. 

A plunger may help to apply extra pressure to the blockage and move it along. (small warning, if the plunger applies more pressure and compresses the blockage, it may also become more challenging to remove)

Plumbing Repairs

If the sink stays full and doesn’t drain at all, make the call to Jamieson and his team, they will come onsite and take care of the problem. They have cctv camera equipment that can be fed into the drain to locate the blockage and water jets that can purge the debris to unclog the drain. 

If an inspection discovers a damaged or broken pipe, Jamieson will provide you with the available repair options. Jamieson may unblock the pipe, but damaged pipes need to either be relined or replaced. A Professional plumber like JR Burns Plumbing can advise on the best repair for your situation.

Do not hire an electric eel or drain snake and try to unblock the drain. The old electric eel is a mechanical steel spring that is fed into the drain. It has a blade and hook on the end that spins to try to unblock the drain. Modern PVC piping can easily be damaged by the spinning electric eel. You will cause further damage, it will be a costly mistake. Plumbers use high pressure water jets with special nozzles that self propel the jet into the blockage and cut the debris away without damaging the pipes.

JR Burns Plumbing – Team Photo

A local plumber is familiar with local conditions and local suppliers. Purchasing from a local plumber supports the entire community. Ask for a quote over the phone so that you don’t have any surprises. Jamieson and the team will explain the process and expected outcomes. You will have all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

We appreciate your support for working with a local plumbing business.

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Searching for a Chiropodist or Podiatrist

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A Chiropodist and a Podiatrist are medical professionals dedicated to studying, diagnosing, and treating disorders of the feet, ankle, and lower legs. A chiropodist is an older term, not as often used in Australia.

Suppose you are searching on Google for a professional that can help you with foot pain or discomfort. In that case, I recommend that you try to find a local podiatrist by entering the term podiatrist and then the suburb or location.

Beth Fechner Foot Alignment Clinic
button - Medical

E.g. podiatrist Marrickville or podiatrist Leichhardt, if you need to expand the possibilities use something like podiatrist inner west.

This search will help Google to narrow down the possibilities to a local podiatrist near you, registered in the profession and capable of assisting you with your foot and ankle problem.

A Pedorthist is a professional with specialised training to modify footwear and create supportive devices that can correct leg length difference and biomechanical imbalance.

Orthotics are often diagnosed by a podiatrist and created by pedorthists. In some cases, the diagnosis is made while the patient is lying down and therefore not weight-bearing and the plaster cast is created.

The Pedorthist will interpret the diagnosis using a plaster cast, or digital scan of the feet and a written diagnosis of changes required to the orthotics to represent the changes needed for the feet.

The Vertical Foot Alignment System

Neil Smith, a certified Pedorthist, invented the Vertical Foot Alignment System, a weight-bearing biomechanical adjustable device that can produce custom Foot Aligners and casts while the patient is standing. This process removes the interpretation, creating a corrected weight-bearing orthotic in real-time. The foot is molded into the foot aligner while standing.

For more information on Neil’s invention, search Google for The Vertical Foot Alignment System VFAS.

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Plumber in Five Dock NSW

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Looking for a “plumber near me” or a “plumber in Five Dock”? We may not appear at the top of your Google search, so I am writing this post to let you know that we are available and ready to help.

JR Burns Plumbing is a local Five Dock resident. We support our local community, offering plumbing and gas fitting services. If you are in need of an emergency plumber, we are just around the corner.

JR Burns Plumbing ID

Our 5 star plumbing service is available for day to day plumbing and drainage support, or talk to Jamieson if you are planning a renovation and need some advice up front.

We care about our reputation and we care about your safety. Don’t try to do any plumbing or gas fitting on your own, leave it to licensed professionals that are registered, insured capable of taking care o f the job safely, securely and on-time.

What are the services that we can provide.

General Plumbing
Leaking taps and pipes can cause a lot of damage, find the source early and get it fixed. Repairing the pipe or tap may be a quick and easy fix, replacing flooring, gyprock and furniture may be a very expensive problem. If you detect a problem, turn off your water and call JR burns Plumbing. We know what we are doing and will get you out of trouble quickly.

Blocked Drains
We can detect a blockage with our drain camera and use high pressure cleaning to free up blocked drains and remove roots and debris. We are not trying to complicate the situation or sell you every tailor-made solution. We unblock your drains

Gas Fitting and Hot Water.

Cold showers in Winter can be a bad start to your day. When you need hot water and it just isn’t working for you, call Jamieson. JR burns Plumbing are ready to solve the problem, and get the hot water flowing again. We are licensed plumbers and gas fitters. We can upgrade your system and install the necessary pipe work for always ready Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater Systems.

Hot Water Systems
JR Burns Plumbing servicing a commercial hot water system in a strata building

We can upgrade your hot water system and take away the old heater.

Roof and Gutter Leaks
Leaking Roof and Gutter systems will cause damage to your home. Foundations and concrete slabs can be undermined by the continuous flow of leaking down pipes. Letting a roof leak over time can cause a more expensive repair.

We are here to help and will solve the problem early to avoid a more costly repair.

Toilet and bathrooms
We can fix your toilet problems or replace and help with renovations. If you need to move your toilet because the renovation calls for a larger bath, we can help you with that. Bathroom renovation and toilet repairs are common jobs for a licensed plumber. I have seen some classic fails from DIY bathroom renovations, please call us early in the rebuild process so that we can save you from some of the common pitfalls.

When you need a company that you can trust to get your plumbing up and running quickly, use a local Five Dock Plumber, support your local small businesses and call Jamieson from JR Burns Plumbing.

The Team at JR Burns Plumbing
The team at JR Burns Plumbing on a commercial site at Wooli Creek
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Kelly Childs

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Kelly Childs  Cloud 9 Finance

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Kelly Childs | Cloud 9 Finance

Acquire Finance t/as Cloud9 Finance ACN 615 210 636 (Credit Representative Number 497283) and its individual representatives are authorised credit representatives of Connective Credit Services Pty Ltd ACN 143 651 496 Australian Credit Licence 389328.

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Electrician Lake Macquarie

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Peter Horne – Brightworks Electrical Services. If you are searching for an “electrician near me” or “local lake Macquarie electrician” we may not appear at the top of the page, so I am posting our details to help you with your search.

Peter Horne Brightworks Electrical Services

Peter and His family are local Wangi Wangi residents and part of the local sailing community.

Brightworks Electrical Services provide domestic and commercial electrical services to Lake Macquarie communities with friendly, professional and on time service.

Talk to Peter about the service that you require and he will provide an accurate quote and time line to complete the work.

Brightworks Electrical Services guarantee the quality of their service, and support you if you have any questions after the job is completed.

Often Peter is called back to do additional work when the clients see the results that he has achieved. Downlights, garden lights, power points and granny flat fitouts, Peter can help you at home and support you with commercial warehouse or office electrical work.

Our services include: Updating switchboards, installing power points, standard safety checks and more urgent matters like fixing electrical faults are just some of the services offered to the residents of Lake Macquarie.

Brightworks Electrical Services are committed to exceeding your expectations and delivering everything that they promise.

Lake Macquarie electrician service area:

Adamstown Heights, Arcadia Vale, Argenton, Awaba, Balcolyn, Balmoral, Barnsley, Belmont, Belmont North, Belmont South, Bennetts Green, Blackalls Park, Blacksmiths, Bolton Point, Bonnells Bay, Boolaroo, Booragul, Brightwaters, Buttaba, Cameron Park, Cams Wharf, Cardiff, Cardiff Heights, Cardiff South, Carey Bay, Catherine Hill Bay, Caves Beach, Charlestown, Coal Point, Cooranbong, Croudace Bay, Dora Creek, Dudley, Edgeworth, Eleebana, Eraring, Fassifern, Fennell Bay, Fishing Point, Floraville, Freemans Waterhole, Garden Suburb, Gateshead, Glendale, Highfields, Hillsborough, Holmesville, Jewells, Kahibah, Kilaben Bay, Killingworth, Kotara South, Lakelands, Little Pelican, Macquarie Hills, Mandalong, Marks Point, Marmong Point, Martinsville, Mirrabooka, Morisset, Morisset Park, Mount Hutton, Myuna Bay, New Lambton Heights, Nords Wharf, Pelican, Pinny Beach, Rankin Park, Rathmines, Redhead, Ryhope, Seahampton, Silverwater, Speers Point, Sunshine, Swansea, Swansea Heads, Teralba, Tingira Heights, Toronto, Valentine, Wakefield, Wangi Wangi, Warners Bay, West Wallsend, Whitebridge, Windale, Windermere , ark, Woodrising, Wyee, Wyee Point, Yarrawonga Park

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Instagram Links Solved

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Welcome to my epiphany moment!
I have been using QR Codes a lot with ID cards. QR codes are magical little images that include the link destination. When a QR Code reader interprets the picture, the result is the destination URL.

Each ID card has a QR Code that takes friends and clients to a cloud business card and user profile. This process works well when you meet people and want to share your cloud business card from your smart device.

Instagram profile Page showing ID cards on Instagram

I thought Instagram would be a great way to market, I could add the ID cards and potential users of Ucard.Cloud could see their value.

But if I add the ID card to Instagram, there isn’t any way of following the link to the destination page. Dilemma…

1. Instagram doesn’t have a way of adding a link to a post.
2. Instagram doesn’t allow you to save images from posts.
3. You can’t read a QR Code from your phone screen. It has to be via your camera.

Let’s fix Problem 3 first.

Google lens is a fantastic piece of free software that can read an image and compare it to other images stored in the vast Google database. By using Google Lens free software, you can also read QR codes on photos.

Now that we have Google Lens installed on our device, how can we save the image from Instagram to read with Google Lens?

Let’s fix Problem 2.

I use a Samsung Tablet and Smart Select software is included. It’s a type of screen crop software that lets me highlight an area of the screen and share it with other programs.

Using this type of program removes the need to take a screen capture, open the photo gallery, and then share the photo with Google Lens.

The Smart Select app is always available from the side of my screen and I drag over the image and share the result.

It’s a great tool.

With Smart Select I can now easily send an image from Instagram to Google Lens.

Google Lens reads the QR code and provides the link to the destination page.

The solution is a combination of Smart Select and Google Lens.

Smart select allows me to highlight the Instagram image and share it with Google Lens.

Google Lens then takes me to the QR Code destinations.

The process is relatively seamless and free.

Step 1. Open Instagram
Step 2. Select Smart Select from the side menu
Step 3 Highlight the image with the QR code and send it to Google Lens
Step 4 Open the link to the destination.

Screen capture of Google Lens reading a QR Code.

I have a feeling that I am going to see a lot more QR Codes on Instagram.

I am sure there are other apps for your device to replace smart select. I am interested in your solution.

Please message me via the live chat.

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Greg Watkinson

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Greg Watkinson | Junior Golf Territory Manager
Jack Newton junior Golf

Jack Newton Junior Golf (JNJG) is the organisation delivering golf to girls and boys under 18 years of age in New South Wales. Jack Newton, OAM, has been the driving force behind junior golf since establishment in 1986.

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Clint Harris

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Clint Harris 
Coleman Estate Agents
Long Jetty NSW

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Clint Harris | Coleman Estate Agents

Clint Harris seeks to find the deeper, intrinsic value that his clients’ properties hold for that premium buyer. Rather than present your property to the market like any another home, Clint gives it a unique point of difference. Click the business card to learn more

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