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If you have a smelly drain, a blocked drain or a gurgling drain, all are signs that something is not working the way that it should. Overflowing blocked sinks can cause a lot of damage to kitchen cabinets and flooring. Overflowing blocked toilets are a health hazard and need immediate attention. If the water in sinks, showers, baths and toilet bowls is slow to empty, get it fixed before it starts to back up.

You should not put kids toys, kitchen oil, fat, grease, hair and food scraps in the toilet or kitchen sink. Coffee grounds and tea leaves do not break down and will also get clogged.

The process to follow for a blocked drain or sewer pipe.

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Under sink Water Jet

Under sink water jet to unblock drains

  1. Inspection
  2. Consideration
  3. Repairs.

Plumbing Inspection
Take the time to inspect the problem. The signs we look for are backup, slow drainage, foul odours and gurgling sounds.

Plumbing Emergency Consideration

Consider the immediacy and urgency of the situation. Is this situation affecting more than one sink or toilet, is it affecting more than one bathroom? Is the problem affecting health, like sewerage backing up onto the floor? Are you in an apartment with a blockage affecting more than one unit? These considerations will determine if this can be a DIY repair or you need a professional plumber to fix the blockage.

If it is a blocked sink, in one kitchen and not affecting any other bathroom, laundry or drain, it may be food or hair causing the blockage. Clean the exposed area so that all you have now is the sink and the plug. Use a cup and a bucket to bail out as much water as possible. Use a sponge to get anything that is left.

Mix up a small bucket of hot soapy water – use dish soap. It has to be hot water straight from the tap. Be careful to keep yourself safe and pour the hot soapy water into the sink slowly. Make sure you don’t overflow the sink. Let the hot water sit in the sink for a few minutes. The hot water may be enough to move the blockage. If the water drains gradually, repeat the process until the bottleneck has moved.

Plumbing Repairs

A plunger may help to apply extra pressure to the blockage and move it along. (small warning, if the plunger applies more pressure and compresses the blockage, it may also become more challenging to remove)

If the sink stays full and doesn’t drain at all, make the call to Jamieson and his team, they will come onsite and take care of the problem. They have cctv camera equipment that can be fed into the drain to locate the blockage and water jets that can purge the debris to unclog the drain.

If an inspection discovers a damaged or broken pipe, Jamieson will provide you with the available repair options. Jamieson may unblock the pipe, but damaged pipes need to either be relined or replaced. A Professional plumber like JR Burns Plumbing can advise on the best repair for your situation.

Do not hire an electric eel or drain snake and try to unblock the drain. The old electric eel is a mechanical steel spring that is fed into the drain. It has a blade and hook on the end that spins to try to unblock the drain. Modern PVC piping can easily be damaged by the spinning electric eel. You will cause further damage, it will be a costly mistake. Plumbers use high pressure water jets with special nozzles that self propel the jet into the blockage and cut the debris away without damaging the pipes

Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and white vinegar can also help remove grease and break up solids—finish by again flushing with hot water.

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