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A Sign In The Dark Is A Hole In Your Marketing.

Brightworks Electrical Bostin Brew Co

Today I was asked to add some photos to a Social Media campaign for Peter Horne at Brightworks Electrical Services. He had just completed the Signage Lighting for Bostin Brew Co at Merewether NSW. 

As the old saying goes, “A business without a sign is a sign of no business“. 

We say, “A sign without a light is in the dark half the time“. 

What other holes do you have in your marketing? 

I have created a checklist that we use for our premium marketing clients. It will help you cover all bases.


Create A Marketing Plan

Create A Detailed Marketing Plan
Include a style guide
Register Domain :
Create a Website: Draft
  • Confirm website is ready to go live
  • Change the DNS Record to allow the website to go live.
Create a firewall account to protect your website.

Confirm SSL Certificate
Confirm website daily backup

Create Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Confirm Google Tag Manager
Confirm Google structured Data
Confirm Google AMP page settings
Create a Yoast SEO account.

Complete SEO checklists to see compliance results

Take measurements and make improvements to SEO results.
Optimise Content
Optimise Images
Improve Web Speed
Improve Links
Improve mobile-friendliness

External to your website

Create articles using the results of Google Tracking
Create Backlinks opportunities

Create Physical Marketing Collateral

Presentation folder
Business card
Detailed Style Guide
Our Story Brochure

Create a story brochure, not just a marketing brochure of your skills, tell your story, cover what, when, where, why, how, and who you are.

Our Services Pamphlet

Create a graphical Services Brochure, showing you and your team doiung the work.

Create a Social Media Plan

Facebook Marketing Plan
LinkedIn Marketing Plan
Instagram Marketing Plan
Twitter Marketing Plan

Pay Per Click Marketing Plan

Create Google Adwords Campaign
Create Facebook Marketing Campaign
Lady with coffee

We look forward to your message!

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